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DMCI : Brixton Place For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
1 Bedroom (Weston) ₱ 4,427,000 - 5,773,000 30 sqm - 34 sqm
2 Bedroom (Weston) ₱ 5,683,000 - 6,931,000 48.50 sqm - 53 sqm
1 Bedroom (Brent) ₱ 4,370,000 - 5,821,000 28 sqm - 41 sqm
2 Bedroom (Brent) ₱ 6,340,000 - 7,328,000 52 sqm - 56 sqm
3 Bedroom (Brent) ₱ 9,155,000 - 10,591,000 83.50 sqm

Why Purchase a Unit at Brixton Place?
DMCI built this place with you in mind. They aim to make your workplace and school closer to you, and also brought relaxation just outside your door. Brixton Place offers a strategic location where everything is accessible, therefore reducing the stress and giving you a much healthier lifestyle.

Brixton place is ideal for employees and managers who would like to strike a balance between work and life, as well as new families who would like a cozy place where children can also play without worries. It is also a great place for OFWs who would like to settle back in this country.

Brixton place is a perfect investment for people who would like to see the fruits of their hard work and surely, getting a unit from Brixton Place gives you the best value for your money. This place is not just a shelter, it is a home you’d surely love relaxing in.

Brixton Place by DMCI Homes is a response by the developers to the challenges of urban living. Upon conceptualizing their idea for Brixton Place, they wanted to create a resort-type and medium-density community that offers a luxurious and secured environment without being too expensive. They understand that to be able to enjoy the modern conveniences that condo living has to offer, the residents must be willing to pay for it. At the same time, they did not want to burden those who aspire to live in a condominium with steeply priced units. Hence, they reached a compromise by building a green design that would be more expensive to build but will be more practical to maintain later on. All of these can be enjoyed by the residents of Brixton Place while keeping the prices of the units at a reasonable and competitive pricing scheme.

The reputation of DMCI Homes is another reason to invest in this condominium property. With over 60 years of experience, they have seen the industry develop. They have also seen many trends when it comes to condominium development. Therefore, they have managed to take out a few of these trends that will bring in sustainability and comfortable to the lives of the future residents of this condominium.

If you would like to enjoy a resort-like setup and leisure amenities within your own home, Brixton Place is your ideal address. With a wide range of amenities that offer practical lifestyle and leisure solutions, you can live your life to the fullest!


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