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Brixton Place showcases the innovation of DMCI, one of which is Lumiventt Technology. Lumiventt Technology maximizes the use of natural lighting and and ventilation into the building’s design by using strategic entry and exit for fresh air. Breezeways are designed so that every unit will be permeated by cool wind, and Sky Patios are also available for every five floors of the condominium.

Unlike other condominiums that has corridors with units on both sides, Brixton Place offers single-loaded corridors, making the unit owners feel less suffocated and allows them to have maximum privacy, natural light, and ventilation.

As for the security, Brixton Place is equipped with CCTV units in all common areas. There is also a lighted perimeter fence and security guards are alert and awake 24/7. There is also backup power in common areas, automatic fire sprinklers, fire hoses, cabinets, and exits.

DMCI knows how important it is to relax after a long day of hard work – hence they brought relaxation to your home. Brixton Place offers indoor and outdoor lounges where you can relax and recharge yourself. There is also an audio-visual room, as well as a fitness gym and a gaming area.

Brixton place also offers three different types of swimming pools – a lap pool, a lounge pool, and a kiddie pool which is perfect for those who would like to bask in the sun or get some exercise. There is also an outdoor fitness area where you can jog and play different sports, a play court, and a sky garden.

DMCI Homes has aimed to set a new trend in terms of the building design when developing Brixton Place in Pasig City. It features naturally-lighted and well-ventilated units in a high rise community that will set the new standard for condominium development in Metro Manila. In order to achieve that, they have partnered with the best construction and development companies that will meet their vision for how Brixton Place should be.

The most distinctive feature in the development of Brixton Place is the use of Lumiventt technology. This is the new design technology introduced into the real estate development of modern times to take full advantage of natural lighting while providing entry and exit points for air. This makes the design of the building eco-efficient so that you can enjoy the conveniences of this residential condominium while reducing the impact on the environment and the use of energy. On top of that, there is a sky patio built into every five floors of the two buildings. Within the building itself are more eco-friendly designs such as the use of single loaded corridors that open up to an atrium or open space, which facilitates more air flow and reducing the need for hallway lights and air conditioning (especially during the day).

In terms of security, you can also have peace of mind staying in Brixton Place since the property management team has made sure that they have a security system in place. The perimeter fence for this condominium is lighted to keep unwanted invaders away. Meanwhile, the entrance gate to the condominium will feature a guard house and car barrier. As for the building security itself, there will be a roving security guard and CCTV cameras to monitor the entire building on a 24/7 basis.

For basic utilities, the building is developed with a range of facilities that will bring convenience to the residents and maintenance staff. For example, there are 2 high-speed elevators for each tower. To ensure consistent and uninterrupted water supply throughout the buildings, there is an overhead water tank system. Other important basic facilities that ensure convenience for the residents include a sewage treatment facility, centralized disposal area for garbage, underground cistern, fire exits, fire hoses near the stairwell, automatic fire sprinkler system, and backup power (available for common areas only).

To make living in Brixton Place of utmost convenience to the residents, DMCI Homes has also integrated a wide range of luxurious and resort-like amenities to the two buildings. As mentioned above, the developers wanted to make this high-rise condominium a green abode for its residents. On top of the landscaped atriums inside the building, there is also a roof deck garden. This is the perfect place to meditate, relax or simply enjoy the view of the Pasig City skyline. Another great spot for relaxation and for overlooking the city is the Sky Lounge.

The list of world-class amenities to be enjoyed in Brixton Place is seemingly never-ending. However, these are some of the highlights: children’s playground, entertainment room, kiddie pool, lap pool, leisure pool, balcony for each unit, Wi-Fi ready indoor amenity area, and linear/pocket park.

  • 24/7 Security Service
  • Gated entrance and electrified perimeter fence
  • Security Office
  • CCTV in common areas
  • Full back-up power
  • Provision for CATV and telephone lines
  • Property Management Office
  • Laundry Station
  • Water Station
  • Convenience Store
  • Mail Room
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The Proposition
One of the country’s top developers, DMCI Homes, offers just the right place for you to be able to live a better-quality lifestyle. With more than 60 years of experience building and developing homes and residential communities, DMCI Homes has become tantamount to high standards. You can put your trust in them, as they are committed not only to providing stability and quality, but also to make sure that they are in line with the people’s dynamic needs.

One of their newest developments, Brixton Place, is an example of quality and stability, without compromising on providing the best quality of lifestyle to its residents. Brixton place is a two-tower residential condominium sitting on a 9618 square-meter property in Kapitolyo, Pasig. With this location, getting yourself around Metro Manila has never been so easy.

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